Meghann. 19. Maryland. DCP Fall 2014 Hopeful.

Still pending…

I’m so worried that if I do get accepted, I won’t be able to find a roommate! So, if you’re pending or you’ve been accepted and need a roommate, hit me up. If I’m accepted it will be for regular Fall, and I’d like to live in Chatham, but I’m really okay with anywhere. I’ll be 19, so it would have to be wellness. 

I’m a normal person, I like to have mini dance parties and movie nights and cook and I would explore the parks whenever I can. 

Some fun facts:

  • I have a very overweight cat that I may be obsessed with
  • Belle is my favorite princess
  • If I’m friends with you, I’m okay with you invading my personal space, so feel free to cuddle or use me as a pillow or hold my hand whenever you feel like it.
  • sometimes I curse a lot, but never around little kids
  • I love to dance, especially The Wobble and The Cupid Shuffle
  • I was a cheerleader in highschool
  • I sing a lot

I’m not weird, I promise.

  1. anangryappletree said: Im still pending too, and im 19, and I think we would be perfect roommates. :D
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